Therapies :: Footsteps Counselling Services, Tauranga

Footsteps counselling has expertise in all of the following counselling styles.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Through the use of CBT we can help you identify your core values and search for, and come to understand, what your underlying beliefs are about yourself and the world you live in. Often, when people are in distress, they find their internal beliefs are not compatible with the life they are living and this is what is causing them pain and suffering.

Narrative Therapy
Footsteps can help you identify themes that may be causing you distress and difficulties. We can help you reduce the influence of a problem in your life through the exploration of those themes and help you find an alternative story to live by. Narrative Therapy is a non-blaming approach that is respectful to the client.

Strength- based therapy
Using this type of therapy we will work together to find past and present successes in your life and use those to address the challenges you are facing today.