Working With Children :: Footsteps Counselling Services, Tauranga

The principles of counselling children are the same as counselling adults but the process of counselling children is very different. In order to counsel children, a deeper understanding of a child's developmental stages and needs is essential.

We believe that, in today's society, children are more in need of a listening ear than they ever have been before. It is becoming more important that they are able to find someone they trust to share their fears and troubles with. While it is ideal for a child to be able to share their worries and troubles with their parents or caregivers this, sadly, is not always possible.

Every child is an individual, learning, growing and developing in their own unique family or home situation; some children find their personal situations more challenging or confusing than others. Footsteps can work with, and through, local schools to reach those children who seem to need someone they can trust to share their more difficult thoughts with - someone who can help them to unravel the mysteries of the environment in which they live, and resolve some of the common difficulties young people face as they learn and grow.

Careful scheduling enables Footsteps to be available with very little notice if a crisis arises, or to make regular visits to schools as an ongoing service.