Counselling Services :: Footsteps Counselling Services, Tauranga

There are many reasons why someone would want to come to counselling ranging from anger, depression or stress to abuse, trauma, loss, grief and relationship difficulties. Whatever your particular circumstances are, Footsteps is qualified and able to help you work through the issues which are making your life journey currently difficult.

No two people are the same - this means that each individual deals with life’s circumstances differently. Your response to what life throws at you is yours and yours alone. Because of this your therapy has to be tailored to you and you alone.

Footsteps Counselling operates from a client-centred model. This means that the main emphasis is on creating a close therapeutic relationship of listening, caring and supporting. Once this is achieved, one of the many effective counselling methods will be used to help you work through the issues you face.

We will not give advice but will help you come to a place where you are able to make choices and decisions that are the right ones for you.